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How to Find Cheap Car Insurance for Young Drivers

Insurance is for the insured to pay a premium which means a small fraction of the total amount of insured value to an insurance company or any such entity to compensate for loss or damage to life and limb, goods or property.

Cars are insured for the same purposes because it is vulnerable to damage or causing damage to life or property but if it is insured then compensation could be paid by the insurer on behalf of the insured to the injured person or for any damage caused to property.

It is illegal to drive a car or for that matter any vehicle on roads without insurance but it is alarming to note that even though it is an offense 70% of vehicles plying on our roads are devoid of any insurance.

They are at great risk not only for themselves but to all other road users who would not have recourse to any compensation if injured, maimed or killed.

Motorists could opt for “Third Party Insurance” which is a very basic insurance and generally affordable to many of those drivers who would be driving around.

This protects the driver or owner of the car / vehicle from being liable in the event of an accident which means that the insurer would pay for any damages to life and limb, goods and property to another, other the insured who would not be compensated but would have to bear any loss or damage sustained to him or her.

If the 70% high risk drivers opt for this basic “Third Party Insurance” or affordable car insurance there would be a substantial improvement in this sector but that has still not happened.

Comprehensive car insurance

“Comprehensive” means “that which includes everything or nearly everything” as per the Oxford dictionary and that is exactly what “Comprehensive Car Insurance” really means.

It is more than what “Third Party Insurance” offers it would compensate the injured, the dead, loss of goods and property and also the insured, him or her, the car and everything else.

“Comprehensive Car Insurance” premiums could be a little higher but the advantage would be that the complete accidents, which are both parties, goods and property would be adequately compensated.

“Comprehensive Car Insurance” would also pay hospital bills with certain limitations on the quantum of payment which would be agreed upfront.

Even if a car is stolen or carjacked the insured would be compensated hence this type of insurance which could a little expensive would be the best option if you are vulnerable to personal damage as well.

Many drivers opt for this but the quantum of contributors who would acquire such insurance has not seen a rapid increase around the country and at present the situation is quite alarming to say the least, with that 70% figure of uninsured still hanging around without any evident change foreseen in the near future. 

Most average citizens of the world are always at wits end to find ways to juggle their incomes with their expenditures and it is the same with South Africans too, who have skyrocketing bills to pay every month and their incomes dwindling.

Car insurance is one major component which has to be paid every month and most of our country men and women tend to ignore this very important aspect whilst owing a car and driving it around on the roads.

It is an offense to drive a car without valid car insurance but breaking the law is becoming a South African trait and past time, understandably with quite an amount having to be doled out for car insurance. Hence, you must go ahead and look for motor vehicle insurance quotes.

It is only when the unforeseen happens that they would find themselves in such a predicament that extricating themselves out of it could be more intricate and complicated, compared to the fact that they had paid up and were covered with car insurance. Even if you have a budget car, you should go ahead and obtain motor vehicle insurance quotes.

Insurance companies are striving to find the best options to enable car owners to obtain their insurances and safe guard themselves from those unexpected accidents, which as we all know do happen without any prior warnings.

red car has side smash

Salient aspects and tips to procure affordable car insurance

We have put together some useful aspects and tips on how you could avoid any of those dreadful situations by taking out that inevitable car insurance and saving yourself and your family a mound of trouble and heartache.

Here are some tips that you can keep in mind to look for cheap car insurance quotes

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    ​It is necessary to understand and comprehend as to what car insurance is all about and know how it could and would help you when you are involved in that unexpected accident.
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    ​You will be able to get motor vehicle insurance companies in South Africa Compare car insurance quotes using a car insurance calculator that you would receive and read carefully between the lines and try to understand every detail written on it and if in doubt clarify or get expert opinion. Then you will be able to figure out the best car insurance quotes
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    Ensure that you would be getting good value for the premium that you are called upon to pay, negotiate the best deal for you and try to understand what you would need to provide from your side and what responsibilities you would have to obtain all that they have promised.
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    Try to negotiate all your other insurance policies with the same company and you could be offered a very attractive collective insurance cover. This would allow you flexibility but you would need to see the bona fides of the insurance company that you would be dealing with or you could be “putting all your eggs in one basket”.
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    ​You could try to reduce car insurance premiums by offering something from your part of the bargain in the whole aspect of insuring your car. For instance security of your car, where it would be parked, the neighborhood that you would live, the amount of driving that you would be doing, what a safe driver you have been over the years and your driving records, etc.
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    ​Thoroughly check out the car insurance from one of the motor vehicle insurance companies in South Africa that you would decide on and do not take price as the only criteria to decide on one the many from whom you would have obtained quotes.

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